Kayleigh McCarthy
Visual Communication Design / Year 4

Kayleigh McCarthy

Kayleigh McCarthy

Visual Communication Design

Year 4

  • Project Title Zeitgeist Story Fest
  • Course BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design
  • Year 4
  • Contact Info kayleighmccarthy93@gmail.com

Zeitgeist Story Fest — Step Inside The Story

Target Audience

18–25 year olds.

Project Description

Zeitgeist Story Fest is a response to the limited offering of literature festivals today. Current events are targeted at adults who already love books and children just beginning to read. However, these miss out on a demographic of 18-25 year olds who may have lost their love of reading due to busy schedules and time spent on screens. Once this problem was identified, interviews and surveys helped to shape the design solution. Surveys showed that if reading could become more sociable, young adults would be more interested. This informed the festival structure and the user experience. Interviews also showed that there is a stigma around the word 'literature' and that the physical book is the last thing that might attract young people. Zeitgeist Story Fest celebrates the collective experience of stories and not the individual experience of reading. It wants to create new ways for young people to interact with literature and create meaningful experiences that will resonate with them after they have left the event, stimulating them to return to books in the future.

Project Application

Branding, motion, spatial design, and print design.

Thesis Title

The Soft Sell of a Hard Idea: Nostalgic Parody and Ladybird Books.

Kayleigh McCarthy
Visual Communication Design / Year 4