Sara Celik
Visual Communication Design / Year 4

Sara Celik

Sara Celik

Visual Communication Design

Year 4

  • Project Title Seelessofthis
  • Course BA [Hons] Visual Communication Design
  • Year 4
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Seelessofthis — Social Media does not decide what perfect looks like, you do

Target Audience

12–25 year olds.

Project Description

Self harm amongst teenage girls has risen by 70% since 2011 according to research in the British Medical Journal. This rise is partly due to girls' obsession with social media and mental health issues arising from this. Seelessofthis highlights the effects that social media has on the ideals of perfection. By inserting into the social media feeds, the campaign provides a more positive outlook on how young people see themselves.

Project Application

Visual identity, branding, motion design, campaign, social media, digital strategy, and art irection.

Thesis Title

Evil Kermit, Salt Bae, Trump Drinking Water, How Italians Do things, Arthur’s Fist, LolCat, Confused Nick Young, One Does Not Simply, Crying Michael Jordan, Side-Eye Chloe, Laughing Tom Cruise, Pakalu Papito: memes as user–generated forms of communication.

Sara Celik
Visual Communication Design / Year 4